Erin Cheyne Hamilton Creative Graphic Designer
A story of design and competition

Erin and Alijah are an interracial creative boutique design team. Their projects have garnered over 7.5 million hits worldwide.

Erin and Alijah specialize in creative advertising with images for brands with a story to tell. Erin and Alijah met at an ad agency in Michigan where their rivalry began. After a year of fierce competition and repeatedly stealing the lead Art Director position from one another, they realized that it was time to go start their own creative endeavor together. After a year in business together, they were married. They like being married.

Erin and Alijah work from their private studio on a lake in Michigan, and travel when the art demands it. They like travelling, but they especially like being at home.

Erin Cheyne

Design to me is a way of life; creating brands with spirit and visually enchanting things to tell a story makes my world go around.  I can’t remember a time when I was not creating something.  It began in traditional art, painting and textile design, and as a teenager, I started getting serious about design.  My first job as a designer was at the age of 18 for a small magazine.  

I worked in the circulation department, and the head designer quit - at the time I did not have much experience - but I took the opportunity to convince the boss to let me prove my craft, and he gave me the chance of a lifetime.  Ten years later after working as a lead designer/art director at an agency in Michigan, I met the amazing Alijah Villian and after some creative dueling against one another at the advertising agency, we left together and started Erin and Alijah together.  

It has been a creative experience beyond any artist's wildest dreams so far, and I can't wait to see what's around the next corner for us. 

Alijah Villian

I just love stories and design.  My mission in life was to be a performer, and I did for a while,  it never felt quite right, though.  There was something else that I needed to do.  Design came to me at an odd time.  I was in college when I got sick, and I'm still not sure what I had.  I was laying in bed and out of the blue it just dawned on me that I should start designing, so I did.  I stayed in Chicago for a while working with some record labels, WNBA, and running a branding company called Four-Sixteen. 

When I left Chicago the only place I wanted to go was Michigan - I worked at an ad agency as an art director and stole Erin’s job and finally decided it was time to move on to something greater.  I really don’t care for the way agencies treat clients - so I decided I could do it better.  My life has been all design so far, and I am blessed to be able to share it.

“A great design can change your whole operation up in an instance, developing a concept and carving it into a complete design, weaving the spirit and emotion of the piece in using texture and light.”

Alijah Villian Hamilton Creative Graphic Designer