Branding on the Brain: What is your mind’s connection to Branding?

Branding has been defined as the process of creating a unique name and an image.  But scratch that I want to make it simple to understand I want to make it more about you.  So don’t mind me if I change the definition a little bit.  Branding is the process of being uniquely you and controlling the perception of what others think of you.  These people can be your future clients or even your family and friends.  And what does branding have to do with your mind well here’s the thing


Our minds are the power towers to our whole body it controls everything including who you choose to be your friends, what decisions you make, and particularly it has a lot to do with what brands you decide to follow and buy from.


The Brain’s Connection to Branding

The Brain connects to the power source of branding by making the decisions we make every day on who inspires us and what products we decide to buy.  The right and left side of the brain is different of course.  The left side is what we are most interested in because it controls the perception of every man and woman. It controls how we feel about a particular thing and what decisions we make to make that thing a daily part of our life or not.


Keeping Personal Branding in Mind all The Time?

We all have a personal brand whether we think so or not.  If we are not aware of it, we are ruining it.  We must take responsibility for our personal branding. It is so much more than business and professional personas - it’s about being the best version of yourself at all times.  Get into the habit of thinking about your branding as much as possible.  How does a decision you are making affect how others think of you?  How does it affect your future?


Your mind makes decisions based on habit?

The brain makes decisions based on habits.  Habits are created and formed over extended periods of time, sometimes decades or consistent behavior.  We humans are strange; we are truly creatures of habit.  Habits can be both good and bad, but the idea of having a great personal brand is about getting to the point where you become a habit for someone.  Because the brain can never forget a habit, you will be in their minds forever.


Last Words

Branding and the mind go together like beautiful skies and air they can not live without one another; you can never go wrong.