BP Farms Organic Farm Logo & Website Design

 Custom farm logo for organic farm bp farms

BP Farms is an amazing free range organic farm in Dundee Michigan. We have known Bill & Elisa for a while, and when they asked about having some design work done for their farm, we couldn't have been more excited to jump on it - Bill raises some of the best organic meat and eggs we have ever had on his small artisan farm. We wanted to give their new branding an old-timey feel without losing a clean look, and I really think we pulled it off - we used beautiful type treatments with some timeless iconography in a way that really shows off the down-home quality of BP Farms.

We started out by creating their logo with a very vintage classic feel, using clean, smooth typography along with beautiful shades of the farm yard in the choices made in selecting the brand colors.

The second thing we created was the BP Farms egg cartons - they use a clear plastic material so we had to design with transparency in mind.

Custom Egg Carton Packaging Design for BP Farms by Erin and Alijah

Egg carton front side for Bill and BP Farms.

Custom Egg Carton Interior Packaging Design for BP Farms by Erin and Alijah

Bill & Elisa’s business cards are very important as a significant amount of the Farm’s business comes from word-of-mouth advertising, so the design had to be something that continued with the flavor of the brand and concisely explained the products and their value long after the business card had been given out. We developed a shortened version of the story of BP farms and put it onto the back of the official business card. The point of the story on the back was to communicate BP Farms’ difference.

Custom Business Card Design for Organic Farm for BP Farms by Erin and Alijah

The front of Bill's business card is straight to the point.

Custom Business Card Back Design for Organic Farm for BP Farms by Erin and Alijah

We are currently in the process of designing and developing the official website for BP Farms where you will be able to make reservations for all kinds of meat from beef to pork and chicken and to learn more about organic and free-range dining. The launch is just around the corner - check back here soon for a link to their new site.