DJ Kid Clay Logo & Website Design

DJ Kid Clay custom dj branding national international designer erin and alijah

I started working with DJ Kid Clay in Chicago he is now a well known DJ. We worked on his first website together and this is version 2.0 of his website. Clay has played all over the country in places like New York and Los Angeles.

Custom Logo Design for DJ Kid Clay Corporate DJ Branding for DJ Kid Clay

Dj Kid Clay logo was designed to keep class in mind; the bottom of the logo is a straight line to represent honesty and finesse. The logo has been used for his album covers and mixtape and has now been in use for 7 years.


Custom Website Design for DJ With Custom Booking Form for DJ Kid Clay

The front page or landing page for DJ Kid Clay had to build credibility for his veteran status.

Custom Disc Jockey Subscription Form Design for DJ Kid Clay by Erin and Alijah


We created a simple email form for fans to subscribe to DJ Kid Clay's mailing list for updates and free downloads.

A Custom Mixtape Cover Design for DJ Kid Clay by Erin and Alijah

We created this custom album artwork for DJ Kid Clay using Maya 3D and Photoshop to develop a very complex visual character.