Mukar Kenyan Coffee Logo

Custom logo design for Mukar premium coffee from Kenya

Mukar is a start up coffee company based on the coffee and exports of Kenya, they are currently pitching for a concept store and building their operations to be able to handle coffee from Kenya and beyond. We wanted to go for a very cultural vibe that felt like Kenya, so we choose a wild brown that has an outdoor feel. The idea was that if this coffee is printed it should appear on a burlap bag, because that would give the company and edge when it came to marketing on a shelf of over 40 other coffee brands.



a suite of custom coffee shop products with an african logo designed and hand illustrated vectors by Erin and Alijah for Mukar


a custom kenyan coffee banner designed by erin and alijah in illustrator and photoshop for mukar coffee
A custom social media banner designed for Mukar's facebook and twitter and Facebook presence