Rena Captures Custom Photography Website & Logo Design

a new custom branding package for famed photographer Rena Captures

Rena Captures is one of the most talented photographers I have ever met. I met Rena on the set of a movie in Chicago. Rena’s photography brand was different for me because she wanted to show her photos in a clean & minimalistic way, while still representing being different.

A beautiful custom photography website design for Rena Captures by Erin and Alijah


custom designed photography blog for journalistic style photographer Rena Captures


We started with the website and got rid of the black tones and darker mood on her previous website, we ended up going for something that displayed all of her skills on her website in an organized way, and as a bonus the image gallery was designed using isotope so that the images float into each other, allowing for a crisp polaroid experience.

a custom coded photography gallery designed by erin and alijah for rena captures

A streamlined gallery helps to pull together multiple image collections with a wide variety of subjects into its own sort of visual symphony. 

an elegant monochromatic photography logo that was designed custom for Rena Captures by Erin and Alijah

A custom typography logo design for photographer Rena Captures utilizing a free-spirited font combination for maximum impact.