Veteran Liquids Custom Website Design and Social Media Vape Promotion Graphics


Veteran Liquids is a vape company located in Michigan that creates and sells e-cigarette products throughout America in retail locations including Wild Bill’s Tobacco and now online. We met with Veteran about their online brand and their vision for an online store with personality - they wanted to make it easier for customers purchase of their favorite vape liquid from the comfort of their homes.

There aren’t many effective e-commerce websites in the vape community - they tend to fall short both visually and from the functionality side of things. We really wanted to use this as an opportunity to design an easy-to-use vape e-commerce site that not only worked smoothly, but provided an immersive and intuitive shopping experience.

With a military-style full digitally painted environment, a private wholesale shopping interface, and an advanced administrative panel, the Veteran Liquids website was a powerhouse of a project and it has been completely awesome watching the reception it’s gotten.

The landing page is straight to the point, getting right into the product that is being sold.

A lot of awesome things happen in the footer mostly Google loves them so we decided to do something a little extra with the footer this time and put a store that only had a few items in it at the bottom of every page to encourage impulse shopping and get a bit more love in the search engines..

custom military and veteran themed about page for e-commerce vape company veteran liquids by erin and alijah

Veteran ran a well-planned social media campaign that allowed us to take their product and use our strengths in creative ads to give them something that told a story and gained great interaction with their fans & supporters. Here are some of the social media images that we created to tell their brand’s story - please contact us here to see the rest of them. 


a custom designed interactive e-commerce website for vape shop military themed and responsive by erin and alijah

Custom contact page designed to look like a telegram military style

A custom vape social media graphic designed by erin and alijah for veteran liquids

custom social media graphic design for brands and businesses

hide and go seek style vape social media graphic design with bullet shells and vape liquid bottles

graphic design for detroit vape liquid brand touring the city

vaping in the Fischer Theater tour of Detroit social media graphic design