Erin Cheyne Hamilton Creative Graphic Designer

As the owner of a music management and concert promotions company, there is a constant need for graphic design services. Alijah Villian consistently puts in more thought, planning and creativity than anyone in the game and the final product is always above and beyond my expectations.

Jeremy Cohen | Owner of On The Grind Management

Alijah is one of the most Imaginative, inspired, and inventive artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He designed a cover for one of my books and his work was amazing. If you ever have the chance to work with Alijah, you can get a wonderfully whimsical, creatively grotesque (in the best sense) or whatever you want. Probably better!

Leil Lowndes | Best Selling Author

Without sounding like a cliche, Villian is a true visionary with the technical and artistic skill to bring those creative visions into fruition. His design and creative concepts in photography and in the digital realm are beyond what I've ever seen and his attention to detail in execution is truly superior.

Monica Gibbs Digital Producer/Designer II at The Montgomery Advertiser

Alijah Villian is always wonderful to work with. We have worked together a few times and have more bookings scheduled for the near future. I would highly recommend Villian and his crew for your next production!

Paula Heckenast | CEO, Head Makeup Artist at City Lights Makeup Artistry

Villian is an amazing artist and producer. He visualizes posters and videos and makes them come alive. His photography is very vivid and unusual. He's rented costumes and bought make up from me and used the items in a wonderful medium.

Rae H Costume Designer / Owner at Illusions Costume Company

Villian is great individual to work with. From his professionalism, creative ability, and natural talent, you are guaranteed to receive a great product from him. Whether it's his graphic design, photography, or even ideas and strategies to improve  your brand, you are definitely going to take your craft to the next level.

DJ Kid Clay

I had the privilege and opportunity to work with Villian on two of his creative collaborations. As an actor, when you are able to work with a director who both understands the acting craft and can communicate clearly to an actor, it is a blessing. Villian greatly demonstrates all this and more. He himself is an artist of unique talent and vision. I imagine that anyone who has the chance to work with him will not disagree. I myself hope that I get to do so again in the future.

Nick Doetsch

I worked with them last year on a movie poster concept for my feature film, FIELD FREAK. In a market saturated by garbage, their work truly stood out as unique and professional. Would work with them again in a heartbeat

Stephen Folker | Film Director

They simply had the best story, the mood of the piece was great at Mofilm Grand Prize Event 2012.

Jon Landau | Producer of Avatar & Titanic
Alijah Villian Hamilton Creative Graphic Designer